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Admin challenge (closed for now)

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Admin challenge (closed for now)

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:56 am

Hi guys,
There is a new challenge in forum (the points system)

What are the points managements
+10 for evry friend added
+1 every day since registration
+10 in rules, in reports, in ideas, in news, discussions
+5 in extra, cs2d, challenges, help, uploads, sites
+2 for logos, screens
+0 applications
-10 in trash (when sent to trash as result of a needless post)

Who can participate in this challenge
Owners (cause their rank is higher)
Head-admins (cause their rank is higher)
Admins (cause their rank is equal)
clan members

How many winners it will be ?
It will be 3 winners

How to win ?
You are the winner if you get 500 points (the first 3 who get 500 points are the winners)

Infos ?
These points will be given only to the topic starter
If someone post something in its wrong place in order to get more points, he will be stript from all his points and get back to 0

This challenge is closed until this forum reach at least 30 members

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